Imagine being truly happy, confident, and empowered.

It doesn’t matter when we start.
It doesn’t matter where we start.
All that matters is that we start.

– Simon Sinek

Discover the Koujoushin Method 

The Koujoushin Method (TKM) is an exclusive program that brings together everything I’ve learned from coaching 1000’s of people into a unique and powerful approach to weight loss & personal empowerment.

Have you struggled to stay consistent?

Do you grapple with keeping weight off?

Are you ready for a simple solution to your health & fitness challenges?

You don’t need to count calories or weigh your food. You don’t have to exercise for hours each week. You don’t even need to go to the gym.

TKM is a fool-proof system that works for everyone. All you need to do is follow the simple steps and you’ll start experiencing the benefits almost immediately.

If you’re open to personal development, TKM is for you.

Koujoushin (koh-joh-shin): ambition, aspiration, desire to improve oneself.

I started working with Machiko and her partner, John, in 2007 with no knowledge of lifting, and little interest in gyms.

As a founder of the second CrossFit gym in Canada, Machiko has been able to provide me deep knowledge and support over the years to help me work out wherever I am.

In 2013 I moved to London UK and began travelling through Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America regularly for work. This made a typical gym routine impossible. Machiko stepped in to support me across country and timezone with a digital program that allowed me to work with what I had (or didn’t have), in hotel gyms, hotel rooms or airports, adapting to where I was and what I found in front of me.

Whenever I feel challenged with a hectic schedule, I have Machiko in the back of my mind or on text to help me stick to our plan. Throughout COVID-19, she has been designing custom programs for me, allowing me to workout in my 500 square foot flat in London, UK and remain positive.

Her deep knowledge and creativity make excuses impossible. She always finds a way to allow me to get a workout in. I’ve also received extensive support on my diet which has proven to be tricky over the years with my hectic work travel schedule, and always find new ways to motivate me to stick to my goals. The approach is balanced, kind, and supportive, and yet I receive a push when I need it.

There is a lot of negativity associated with CrossFit, specifically around politics and racism, especially right now. I can say that Machiko and John have built a business that in my experience has been incredibly inclusive. They are supporters of the queer community, ambassadors for strong women, and have demonstrated strong anti-racist politics.

If you’re looking for supportive coaching to help you set and achieve your goals, Machiko should be your first call.

Lindsey M.

What You Get

Realistic Approach to Nutrition

Build lasting habits through small, maintainable changes.

Individual Support & Accountability

You get more than a coach. You get a partner and a supportive friend who’s been there.

Personalised Training Programs

Stay healthy and moving forward with individualised fitness training & coaching.

Depth of Experience

Since 2005 I’ve worked with 1000’s people who were where you are now. I can help you, too.

I’ve worked with Machiko for years now on my fitness goals, and it wasn’t until the COVID lockdown that I realized how truly valuable the Mindset by Design program is.

Pre-quarantine I knew that if I showed up to the gym Machiko would take care of the rest with her training program. But being stuck in a tiny apartment with very little equipment and no access to a gym these past few months, with lots of stress and anxiety affecting my eating habits I figured that I just had to give up on any goals.

But Machiko has created Mindset by Design to meet you exactly where you are to help you stay on track and develop even better habits.

I get personal nutrition advice, habit coaching, meal plans, recipes, and the incredible workouts that I’ve always appreciated, now tailored specifically to the environment that I am in.

This is truly a great program for anyone at any fitness level with any resource – cannot recommend it highly enough!

Kerry S.

How To Start


Decide to Transform Your Life

You’ll book an initial consultation with me where we’ll discuss your goals and present situation.


Complete Your Profile

I’ll send you a short questionnaire to help me prepare for our first chat.


Get Your Plan

Once we’ve had our first meeting, I’ll send your personalised program with instructions, strategies, and advice for your first week.


Start Checking In Weekly

Each week you’ll check in with me to measure progress and adjust your program to ensure you are working optimally for your needs and goals.

About Me

Machiko EmotoIn 2003 I came to Canada for a year to study English. During that time I met my partner and in 2004 I made the permanent move to Canada.

The next year in 2005 we founded CrossFit Toronto, the 2nd CrossFit gym in Canada, giving me the privilege of helping 1000’s of people improve their lives through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching.

It’s this experience that let me develop The Koujoushin Method: mindset training for health & happiness, weight loss & fitness.

We decided to close the gym in 2020 so I could focus all my attention on TKM.

Now, I’m able to put 100% of my time into helping people around the world achieve their health & lifestyle goals.

I also get to spend more time with my kids, my wonderful German Shepherd, and my partner.

I’m truly happy and I want you to be as well.


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