Your Relationship With Food

A Self-Assessment Questionnaire

I built this short set of questions to help you understand your relationship with food.

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I have binge foods that I always overeat.
I rarely eat foods that are healthy.
Others in my family struggle with food/weight issues
I eat foods that I know are unhealthy.
I am a sugar addict.
I have tried unsuccessfully to diet and/or exercise many times.
I use food to soothe myself when I am upset or feel deprived.
I have spent money on several weight loss programs, pills and fad diets.
I have a history of yo-yo dieting (lose weight, then gain it back).
I drink more than 1-2 sodas daily.
I eat beyond the point of satiety or fullness.
I eat when I am stressed.
There are certain foods/drinks that I think I can’t live without.
I eat to celebrate, console myself, etc.
I eat when I am not hungry.
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